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Journalists detained again in Somaliland as the attacks against journalists on the rise

Mogadishu, 09 January, 2012

The National union of Somali Journalists is infuriated by the continued arbitrary arrests of journalists by the Somaliland police as another television journalists was detained on Monday in the town of Las-Anod of Sool region by the Somaliland police. Similar detentions of journalists took place this week in the same town.

Abdiqani Hassan Farah Gadari, a universal TV reporter in Laas-Aanod was detained on Monday 9 January, 2012 by the Somaliland Police. Gadari informed NUSOJ before he was arrested that his arrest was ordered by the Somaliland minister of information through the Mayor of the Las-Anod town.

It is not yet clear the motive behind his arrest and remains in custody. This follows string of other attacks against journalists this week in Somaliland.

On January 4, 2012, Somaliland police arrested Abdirahman Ali Duale, Horn Cable reporter, Abdiaqani Hassan Farah Gadari and Barkhad Joon, Somaliland National TV and they were released after 8 hours in detention in the Las-Anod central police station without charges.

"We condemn in the string of attacks against our colleague by the Somaliland police." Mohamed Ibrahim, NUSOJ Secretary General said, "The current campaign of arrests signals the deteriorating level of press freedom and how the Somaliland authorities to intimidate the journalists to the arrests."

On Sunday 8 January, 2012, Journalist Yuusuf Ali better known as Indho-Qurux, who is the correspondent of the Royal Television in the town Boorama, was arrested without warrant by Somaliland police in Boorama, according to local journalists. It is not yet clear the reasons behind his arrest. However, journalists believe Ali's arrest is related to an article he wrote about alleged corruption on regional projects in Awdal region.

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