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NUSOJ is grieved by the Senseless Murder of Radio Journalist in Mogadishu.

Mogadishu, May 24, 2012

National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) is outraged and grieved by the increasing attacks against the journalists in Somalia, following the brutal murder of Radio journalist in Mogadishu on Thursday 24, may 2012, around 1:25 PM local time.

Four unknown assailants armed with pistols shot to death Ahmed Addow Anshur, a producer and reporter for the Mogadishu based Radio Shabelle. The journalist died instantly with bullets hit on the head and the chest and the killers immediately escaped from the scene according to the witnesses at market.

The incident took place near the home of the journalist at Suuq (Market) Bo'le in Dharkenley District of Mogadishu, an area controlled by the Transitional Federal Government (TFG).

It is not yet known the motive behind the killing. The body of the victim has now taken to the family' house and laid there until his burial is arranged.

This is the latest of string of attacks against journalists and media workers meant to undermine the media freedom and the freedom of expression, says NUSOJ.

"The death of Ahmed Addow Anshur is a great loss, a savage and inhuman act. We strongly condemn this barbaric attack," says, Burhan Ahmed Dahir, the President of the Supreme Council of NUSOJ. "On behalf of NUSOJ, I send my sincere condolences to the bereaved families and friends of Mr. Anshur and ask Allah to rest his soul in paradise".

"The mounting attacks against the media professionals in Somalia are a source of dire concern. Journalists play a vital role for informing, educating and preparing the community to enable the society to take informed decisions. There can be no political or religious reason for attacking these media people," added Mr Dahir.

The National Union of Somali journalists (NUSOJ) calls on the authority of Transitional Federal Government of Somalia to take prompt and public to safeguard the journalists and thoroughly investigate the crime to bring justice those responsible for these murders to prevent
further killings.

Late Ahmed Addow Anshur is the sixth journalist and media workers murdered in Somalia in 2012 alone in the hands of the criminals in Somalia. He survived a wife.

It is being planned to bury the body in this Wednesday afternoon at Jazeera cemeteries in Southern suburbs of Mogadishu according to the victim's family members.

In Somalia, where the violent attacks were raging over the past two decades, journalists and the media houses were under insistent attacks. A significant number of journalists where killed, injures, arrested, as media houses were censored, suspended, or physically raided as well.


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