Welcome to National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ)

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) was set up in August 2002 as an association Network (SOJON) to promote and protect freedom of the press and the interests of journalists after the former Transitional National Government of Somalia prepared and approved a repressive media law.

In order to effectively fight for journalists’ pay and conditions, their working rights and their professional freedom, the members of the organization in their 2005 General Assembly in Mogadishu resolved to transform the organization from an Association to a Labor Union with a new Name: the National Union of Somali Journalists. The organization was formally dedicated for the purpose of serving the member journalists’ interests and needs with respect to journalists’ rights, press freedom and working conditions.

Due to the civil war and lack of functioning institutions those took the leadership of NUSOJ failed to unite journalists and to represent the interest of journalists. For the first time in the history NUSOJ elected democratically its leadership on 17 May 2016 with close supervision by Somalia’s Supreme Court and Civil society organization.

Member journalists work across the whole industry as reporters, editors and sub-editors and photographers. Members work in broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, and in the new media (news websites). We are professionals and are proud of the work that we do. Our members come from many different families and backgrounds, with widely different regions.

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