NUSOJ welcomes the Union’s re-joining to Somalia South-Central Non-State Actors (SOSCENSA)

Mogadishu: 06/12/2016

Ref; 90/2016

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) is delighted that the 5th General Assembly of SOSCENSA to have unanimous votes Today, Tuesday 6, December 2016 to be officially a full member of the consortium.
33 of the 34 member organisation of the Community based Consortium of SOSCENSA voted in favor of NUSOJ rejoining SOSCENSA while only one voted against.
Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu General Secretary of National Union of Somali Journalists said that NUSOJ fully appreciates SOSCENSA’s confidence in trusting NUSOJ to be full member.
“NUSOJ new leadership considers as high priority to work hand in hand with the Somali civil society organizations during this difficult time and we appreciate SOSCENSA member organizations for their welcome and accepting NUSOJ to rejoin SOSCENSA.” Moalimuu added.
NUSOJ former Secretary Omar Faruk Osman led NUSOJ to quit from SOSCENSA membership in 2011 after he failing to be elected as member of SOSCENSA Board of Directors after voting.

Somalia South-Central Non-State Actors (SOSCENSA) was established in early 2008, in order to provide a formal and legitimate NSAs structure, therefore, creating additional space for civil society and private sectors to influence policy formulation dialogue, between the state and non-state actors, on issues of common ground including: peace building, security and development.

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