FAJ resolved to work with the legitimate elected leadership of NUSOJ

National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) welcomes with great appreciation, the decision by the Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) steering committee in which they officially announced to work with the democratically elected legitimate leadership of NUSOJ led by Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu.

On 21 December 2016, FAJ issued a communique following the outcome of their meeting in Abidjan 7-10 December in which the African regional organisation agreed to work with the elected leaders of National Union of Somalia.

FAJ steering committee also suspended several individuals from the organisation including Omar Faruk Osman, “for deliberately and continuously acting as agents of division and pursuing sectarian interests” read FAJ Communique.

Mahir Jama Aden, the President of National Union of Somali Journalists wholeheartedly welcomed the move by the FAJ steering committee and has pledged to work in collaboration with FAJ and promises to abide by the rules and regulations of FAJ, together with other members who work to develop the media in Africa in order for them to meet the international standards.

FAJ plays a big role in Africa by addressing issues that affect the African media and the journalists and has a mandate “to enforce trade union development in the media industry in Africa, to address professional matters, to protect and defend freedom of expression and information as well as journalists’ human rights, as laid down in the Declaration of Principles of Freedom of Expression in Africa” FAJ.

“To successfully achieve our goals, NUSOJ wants to restore the role and honours that the organisation had in Africa. So, we warmly welcome the decision reached by the FAJ family,” said Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, the elected Secretary General of the National Union of Somali Journalists.

The former Secretary General of NUSOJ, Omar Faruk Osman was sacked after he was found to be involved in extreme fraud and widespread corruption during his long term leadership of the Union and misused the funds and donations from the international organizations to Somali journalists. Furthermore he deliberately violated the constitution of NUSOJ for not accepting the decisions of Somali journalists when they removed him from office.

NUSOJ finally expresses its appreciation to FAJ steering committee and FAJ President Abdulwaheed Odusile for their commitment to address the critical challenges the African journalists are facing at the moment, in particular, their fight against impunity, the protection of journalists, to improve services to individual and collective members of the unions, and to maintain solidarity and unity.

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