NUSOJ welcomes the release of detained journalist in Jowhar.

Mogadishu – Sunday May 7 2017

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) expresses its appreciation to the HirShabele State for releasing Universal TV reporter in Jowhar who endured two-day apprehension without charge.

Ismail Abdulle Sabriye was arrested on 5, May 2017 by the police and was released on Sunday morning. His arrest was ordered from the office of the president of HirShabele state.

Ismail was accused of misinterpreting the remarks of Hirshabeelle President who held a press conference a day before the arrest of the journalist.

The release of the journalist came after teleconference debate between NUSOJ Secretary General Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, Director of Universal TV in East Africa Abdullahi Kulmiye Hersi and Hirshabeelle Minster of Information Mahad Hassan Osman who finally agreed that the journalist be released unconditionally.

“We would like thank Minster Osman for his understanding to resolve this issue with us and we welcome the release of our colleague Ismail Abdulle Sabriye and we join his family and colleagues at Universal TV for the happiness to regain his freedom,” said Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu, NUSOJ Secretary General. “We would have liked that he should not have been arrested in the first place and journalists should never be arrested at all without due process.” He said.

“I have regained my freedom this morning. I would like to thank my colleagues and National Union of Somali journalists who stood up for my release and spent much of their time and efforts,” said Ismail Abdulle Sabriye speaking on the phone to officials of NUSOJ.

The arrest and release of the Journalist comes in a week that Somali media extensively celebrated the International day of freedom of speech in which the government and the free media collaborated to work together in improving the quality of Somalia’s freedom of expression.

NUSOJ calls on all Somali Federal and state institutions to avoid the arbitrary arrest of journalists and deal with their concern through the right channels.

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