NUSOJ congratulates MAP achievements of Past Year

Press Statement 10/06/2017 Mogadishu ,Somalia

Following the Media Association of Puntland’s annual report that was Published on June 07, 2017, National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) congratulates the Puntland Media syndicate in promoting the media in Puntland and in Somalia as well as the achievements reached the past year.
‘’We are proud and applaud MAP and its members for the achievements reached in the past year, well done and looking forward to support your plans and collaborate with you in the coming year’’ said NUSOJ’s Secretary general Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu.

The Media Association of Puntland (MAP) is an independent, nonprofit organization registered in Puntland and recognized as a legitimate representative of Puntland’s journalists and media establishments. The organization was founded in January 2009, as freedom of expression movement, to promote and defend the right to free expression by improving the professional capacity, as well as the social and economic rights of media professionals in Puntland, Somalia.

MAP, Puntland’s Media Syndicate, a potential member of NUSOJ has published it’s 2016/17 annual report and financial accountability statements on June 7th 2017. Please click the below link to read our member MAP’s Annual report and it’s audited financial Accountability Statement

The National Union of Somali Journalists has good working relationship with its affiliate Media Association of Puntland and they together share and exchange information relating the systematic monitoring and conducting investigations into violations of press freedom and human rights of journalists and provide each other an accurate, prompt and impartial information concerning attacks on journalists such as killings, arrests, death threats and harassments, as well as acts of aggression against media organizations



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