NUSOJ conducts training workshop for journalists on conflict-sensitive reporting and safety of journalists in Adado with UNSOM support

National Union of Somali Journalists supported by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) has embarked on a countrywide series of training workshops for local journalists on Conflict Sensitive Reporting and Safety of Journalists.
The first of the two-day workshops attended 25 reporters opened Adado city, the interim capital of Galmudug state in central Somalia kick off on Wednesday morning. Similar trainings are scheduled to be carried out in , Kismaayo, Jowhar, and Garowe.
The objectives of two days training include

To enhance Somali journalists understanding of Somali conflict root-causes, drivers and triggers including structural violence that underpin and sustain the protracted community conflicts and violent extremism
To develop the professional capacity of Somali journalists on promoting peace, tolerance and conflict-sensitive reporting and enabling journalists in critical ways of producing unbiased reporting
To provide journalists with trainings that will enable them to work and reduce the potential risk that is facing them on the ground on the daily basis as they continue their critical work.

At the opening of the training, Mahir Jama Aden, President of the National Union of Somali Journalists, briefed the participants about the training programme and thanked the local journalists to all the practical arrangements of the training and their warm welcome to Adado .
“I am very delighted to be here in Adado with you at this important training and I believe that journalists will benefit from this training which directly involved in their day to day media work ‘
Honorary guest from the Galmudug State, including Ministers and members of the local parliament in Galmudug, attended of the opening ceremony of the training.
Galmudug Minister of Information Mohamud Aden Osman officially opened the workshop and cordially welcomed the efforts made by UNSOM nd NUSOJ in organizing the training aimed at boosting the capacity of media professionals in Galmudug.

‘Galmudug journalists do not have a media association, so we would like ask NUSOJ and other media agencies which support journalists to help them have their own’ Minster Osman said.
NUSOJ training secretray Farah Omar said the following topics will be covered during the two days training

  • Conflict Mapping
  • Conflict Tree
  • Conflict Wheel
  • Conflict Onion
  • Force-field
  • Pyramid
  • Conflict stakeholder analysis

In addition, a set of concepts and models helping participants to grasp and understand more about peace and conflict will be introduced and discussed and they include:

  • Active conflicts
  • Latent conflicts
  • Structural conflicts
  • Pillars of peace
  • Pillars of conflict
  • Resources for peace
  • Do No Harm (connectors and dividers)
  • ABC triangle
  • Conflict root-causes, conflict drivers, conflict triggers
  • Conflict profile
  • Early-warning and prevention
  • Conflict cycle
  • Types of conflicts
  • Stages of conflicts

NUSOJ Secratray General Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu thanked to UNSOM for their support saying without their assistance it would not be possible to conduct this training

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