NUSOJ Elects New Leadership at its 16 days Long Congress in Mogadishu

Mogadishu 24 May, 2016

The Congress of the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) has elected a new leadership on 17 of May 2016 which will replace the former union leadership after 16 days long General Assembly of the union, making it the longest Assembly ever held by the union.

149 member delegates eligible to vote convened in Mogadishu’s City Palace Hotel on May 3, 2016 as ordered and observed by the Benadir Regional Appeals Court, after the Somali High Court quashed its verdict dated on February 4, 2016 by stripping the leadership positions of former union leaders and made inclusive NUSOJ elections mandatory, which was monitored by a representative from the Appeals Court, civil society and members of the Federal Parliament.

The member’s journalists were drawn from across countrywide, based on the union’s existing branches; mainly from Puntland, Southwest, Jubbaland, Galmudug, Benadir and the regions of Middle Shabelle and Hiiraan, to review the constitution, discuss and approve the union’s budget for the next three years and a three-year work plan and elect new leadership.

The NUSOJ congress 2016 was facilitated and made possible by an independent volunteering committee comprising of journalists and media directors, whose tireless efforts saved the unity of the Somali journalists and their union, the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) supported by the former leadership of the union. The committee later handed over the responsibility to the chair of the committee elected by the assembly. The congress was financially supported by the Somali business community and the media stakeholders, although that was not enough to cover the whole costs of the Congress.

The congress was officially opened on the sidelines of the World Press Freedom Day, 3 May 2016 and was officially opened by the Appeals Court chief, Dr. Hassan Mohamed  (Wariiri), who praised the unity of the Somali journalists and has never witnessed such large journalists’ gathering from across the country. Dr. Wariiri also recalled the journalists’ responsibility in fair, transparent reporting.

“We are here today with you for the official opening of your congress.” Dr. Wariiri said, “We will send a judge to observe on the day the union elections are to take place to see if the elections are done in a free and fair manner.”On 17 May, 2016, the election of the National Union of the Somali Journalists took place with the presence of Judge Dr. MuktarNorAbukar who was sent by the Appeals court to monitor the union elections, Prof. Mohamed Omar Dalha, a member of the Federal Parliament of Somalia along with the representatives of the Somali civil society leaders.

The elections which have been going on for two days were contested all the positions in the union’s supreme council and the executive committee members.

Four journalists contested the position of the president of the Supreme council of the NUSOJ and the first round result is as follows:

  1. MahirJama Aden 81 votes
  2. Aden Mohamed Salad Aden Kismayo 61 votes
  3. SuleymanShiekh Ismail 4 votes
  4. Mahad Hassan Diini                    0

The second round of voting two candidates Adan Kismayo and MaahirJama Adan contested with MaahirJamawinning  94 votes and was declared by the election committee as the winner. Whereas the election committee also declared Muhidiin Hassan Mohamed and Abdifatah Hassan Farah as the deputies.

The newly elected president of the Supreme council of the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) MaahirJama who spoke to the assembly thanked “I am hereby, send my dedication to all journalists who attend this event by restructuring the union, democratically electing its leading members …we are not standing here obtaining a position but to regenerate the union and start its activities with new spirit” said the new chairman.

The position of the Secretary General was contested by two journalists; Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu and Ali BaashAbdullahii. However, Ali Baashi did withdrew his candidacy for the position.  The election committee declared winner Mohamed Ibrahim Nur aka Moalimuu as the Secretary General of the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ).

Ali BaashiAbdullahi who quitted the contest said that he is satisfied the outcome of the election “I have decided quitting from the position I was contesting to safe the unity of the Somali journalists and join efforts to enhance development, raise their voices and protect them “The newly elected Secretary General, Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu who spoke to the delegates thanked for the dedication in electing him for this position. He said he will prioritize unifying Somalia journalists inside and outside the country through dialogue and reconciliation to end the division among them. Looking for solutions to problems facing journalists including killings and other threats as defending their rights.

Moalimu added that he did run for position for something else but to “only come up new Ideas and new blood to NUSOJ”.

“We want a new NUSOJ, We want an inclusive more …one man NUSOJ” said the secretary general.

“it appreciable that journalists elected among themselves democratically” he added.

Lawmakers, civil society representatives and the observing judge also praised the Somali journalists for their commitment in electing new leadership.

The chair of the election committee Ahmed Joker commented on the process citing that although it was a hard job at last it was success to elect the the councils and main structure of the union along with the executive committee, the chairperson, two vice chairperson and secretary general.

“it was difficult managing such a large meeting, there were complaints. Annoyance and even infighting but at least lasting agreement was reached for the restructuring and launching the union” he said.

Prof. Mohamed Omer Dalha who spoke at event talk about the struggle the journalists going ahead defending their rights and ways they can attain change to enhance their skill and knowledge through ethics of journalism “You should have equip yourself with skill and that is where you and defend and protect yourself …this is a unique event ..and I see fair and free election done here” said the lawmaker.

JawahirBarqab , chairman of Banadir Region Women’s organization who was present at the election involved mediations when delegates go into deep  heated discussions  along with heated arguments praised the outcome in which she said was fair and free.

“let us praise this …. the transparent ballot box ..we are witnessing should be   a role model for the incoming election in Somalia” said Jawahir


Elected Supreme Council

  1. MaahirJama Adam – President
  2. Muhidiin Hassan Mohamed – First Vice President
  3. Abdifatah Hassan Farah – Second Vice President
  4. MahadXasanDiini Member
  • FaadumaYaasiinJaamac Member
  • Abdi MacalinAadan Member
  • HabiibaAHmedJimcaale Member
  • AbdinasirXersiIidle Member
  • Aden MaxamedSalaad .             Member

Elected Executive Committee

Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu  – Secretary General

. Secretary of Conduct Regulations and Personnel Issues.  Mohamed shiilhassan

Trainings and Education Secretary: Farah Omar Nur

Organizing Secretary and public relations : C /QasimMaalim Ahmed

  • Secretary of Women Affairs and Human Rights: Farxiya Mohamed Kheyre .
  • Secretary of Finance and Treasury: Leylo Muse Ibrahim .
  • Secretary of coordination regional departments of Journalists NUSOJ :AbdulkadirJiijiile .

General Secretary of  National Union of Somali Journalists

Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu
Phone: +252615540001 / +254619308345